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Rabu, 14 Agustus 2013

Indonesian Robot The Best !

Indonesian Robot The Best ! - Fabulous ! Indonesia again showed its fangs . I take this news of seconds . just yes ~ Here's the news .

WELCOME recently led a delegation of Indonesian contingent in an international robot contest series in the United States . In one of the mat in the U.S. , the robot from the Master managed the name of Indonesia .

Indonesian Robot The Best !

Success in the global arena is probably not making WELCOME underestimate his opponents in the regional class . It was shown in Indonesia Intelligent Robot Contest ( KRCI ) Regional II which was held in Bandung State Polytechnic ( Polban ) .

The result , of all the categories are contested in KRCI , Digital trophies . As for the Indonesian Robot Contest ( KRI ) , which was held at the same time, the Master does not send representatives.

In this contest , Master sends 3 teams namely senior division team consisting of wheeled Eko Wahyu Adi Prasetyo and Heryadi . Then the senior division team comprising legged grandson Herlina and Galina Tias R M. And the final battle is a division consisting of Rizal Primary Septiawan , Irwan Suryawan and Ridian Ardian . Everything from the Department of Computer Engineering .

The third category was won by Master KRCI legged robot with DU 116 , Wheel with 114 - v10 robots and robotic Battle with DU 99 - v2 .
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