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Confused About Determination A Pagerank

Confused About Determination A Pagerank

Confused About Determination A Pagerank - Hello bloggers . How is it going? This time I am back to fill iSEO Blog content .

This time I will share about some fact about the Google pagerank of a law against what we believe so far .
  • Is rarely update ( post ) made ​​our blog fall pagerank ?
Most of the bloggers , including me , believe this . That Google likes your blog / site that is always updated . It means that Google will be kind enough to raise the pagerank blog / site . While blogs / sites that are rarely updated will be beaten by Google .
However , it seems that the statement is not entirely true . Let's look at my favorite blogs , Raditya Dika property located at .
Blog Raditya Dika it has proved that the post is not entirely uncommon to lose pagerank .
If we see , Raditya Dika very rarely post . Usually he posted two or three times a month . Even had not posted at all in the month ( January 2010 ) . But the pagerank of the blog Raditya Dika was still stable in position 5 after twice pagerank update .

  • Is a blog page / site , link out ( outbound links ) should not be much more than a link in ( incoming links ) ?

I once ( often ) heard this sentence :

blog page / site that fills out a more link
in many of the links will not rise .
or :
Do not put out more than 100 links . because
PageRank of your blog will not rise .

Well , a page in this blog ( iSEO Blog ) , has proven that it does not seem right . You simply go to the page belongs iSEO Blog Friend 's Link .
You will see how many links out there . There may be more than a thousand links attached out there ( although I myself have never counted them) .

But when I checked in on the link in the page links iSEO Blog Friend 's only 44 . While the Friend's page links pagerank 4 iSEO Blog it gets from Google . And it also has endured since the three times pagerank update .

This time I would like a little explanation of bloggers who may know about this . Please write your response in the comment box . I wait for ya ..
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