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Google Pagerank Stop ?

Google Pagerank Stop ? - Maybe some buddy Blogger also thinking the same thing . What's wrong with the current Google PageRank ? Why have more than 4 months is not also update the blog / site we all .

Previously , about 7 months ago , once it was rumored that Google will remove Pagerank . Out of nowhere , this issue is growing very fast . So it makes a lot of bloggers was was , especially for commercial Blogger ( like mine ) . Those who rely on PageRank as a tool to generate dollars , must be very afraid of this .

Well , it looks like this issue has started becoming a reality . Looks like Google has begun to stop pagerank update . Pagerank blog / site is not able to go up or down anymore ( stagnant ) .

Lucky for us who have a blog that has a high pagerank . Because it will not go down again . But for the more enterprising blogger pal Actively pursue pagerank , it looks like this will look more difficult . It could even be useless .

There have been many bloggers in Tenggarong desperate for this , because his blog pagerank not go up . Though they are convinced that the next pagerank update will get an increase pagerank .

Is Google really going to remove the pagerank system ? And how would buddy and gentlemen , is it better if I remove the pagerank or not ?
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Ditulis oleh: Deo Pradipta - Senin, 14 Oktober 2013