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Google Magic Commands

Google Magic Commands

Google Magic Commands - After the previous post about changing the Google logo trick , so remember another trick about Google  ..
Google is filled with secretions ( read : secret ) or confidential . Start of page rank , adsense , and many more things that are full of secrecy ..

We 've definitely done some netizens searching ( search ) in Google .. even often ..
Well , had not time Kismet , but do not see see what you are looking ...

OK .. Now I want to for a little science ya that might be useful , and may also be very useful . One of the secretions from leader Google , which commands ( syntax ) in searching ( his brazil language ' search ' ) . Useful to speed up and narrow percarian .

Here are some of his magic syntax leader Google .

1 . filetype
This syntax is useful to search for a particular file had the extension on the website .
Rich literary like this ..

Filetype : file extension [space ] title of files are searched

Examples of the rich ' like this:

Filetype : doc tissue paper

So ..  Google will provide a list of file doc ( Microsoft Word ) with the title of " tissue paper " on the home page first.

2 . site
This syntax is useful to show the link on that particular site . Yes to narrow the just search  .
Rich literary like this ..

Site : dnssite

His example :

Site: com

Suppose we want to search for the file extension doc , entitled " tissue paper " on a site ending . " Com " , then the syntax of writing this:

Filetype : doc site: com papers network

Thus , the search results on Google will show a link that contains doc file and titled " tissue paper " on a site ending in " . Com " ..

So first trick this time ..
Hopefully can be useful in maximizing a search on google .
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