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Pagerank Update Late October ?

Pagerank Update Late October ? - Pagerank is anticipated , feared , she had dreamed of , and are relied on for any blogger . Especially for bloggers who are looking for a dime on the internet , like me . Yep, with a high pagerank capital , we can reap big dollars .

Pagerank Update Late October ?

Well , according to the calendar period pagerank update , there are 3 possible time Google updates the pagerank the future .
  1. At the end of this month , on October 30 .
  2. In early July, likely at 1-3 Nobember .
  3. And at worst is a pagerank update pushed back another month . Ie at the end of July or in early August .

I still hope Google will soon update it . What about you ? Now , if you're ready for this update ? Are you sure that your blog page rank will rise or stay ? Or even go down ?

You can check your blog pagerank future predictions in . But remember , the prediction is based on how many links you to Google .

Ok, check and waiting pagerank update . Hopefully as expected . Amen ....
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Ditulis oleh: Deo Pradipta - Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013